Casa Erica

the resort

Our little holiday resort at the Costa del Sol was formed over the last 15 year. Time after time we’ve created this heavenly paradise and want to share the unique spot and magic spirit with our guests.

The spaciousness of the common areas make Casa Erica unique, so that our guests of the 11 apartments and the house have always enough space to feel undisturbed. At the same time you can have a chat with the others if you feel like it. The two big barbecue areas with space for common dinner parties also for big groups in the garden and on the pool floor are very popular among our guests.

A walk around the resort can be adventurous. You can find an abandoned pool, an old workshop and all of a sudden a agitated herd of sheep walks by….there is a lot to discover and more should not be spoiled. If it is getting too hot, you can freshen up in our pool or 800m down the hill at the beach. Those, who want to explore the vast, will be fascinated by the enchantingly region Andalusia

Our video gives a short impression of the holiday experience at Casa Erica.

Holiday resort Costa del Sol – Casa Erica

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