Casa Erica

yoga retreat at casa erica

A Yoga Retreat with Yoga Spirit Circle

Since spring 2014 yoga retreats with Yoga Spirit Circle are offered at Casa Erica. The retreats take place in spring and autmn. The weather at those times of the year is pleasantly mild. The yoga classes take place on pool level, on the middle roof top terrace or in our cosy garden. The Yogis get provided with delicious vegetarian meals the whole week. There is enough time for exploring the area, other sports or just for relaxing on the yoga free day or between yoga classes.

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Daily routine on a yoga retreat with Yoga Spirit Circle

A retreat day starts with a yoga class in the morning sun. A cereal bar for a little snack before class is provided. After the class the Yogis can enjoy their breakfast from the buffet on the terrace with sea views. There is sufficient time to rest, have a chat or jump into the pool until lunch. You can use the several areas in Casa Erica or walk down the hill to the beach. Healthy soups and salad will be served for lunch. Until dinner there is again free time and another yoga class. You can catch a bus to Málaga or Torre del Mar for a stroll or some sight seeing. You can read more about things to do around the area here. A lot of retreats are accompanied by the alternative pratictioner Eva Hassine. Massages and treatments are offered at favorable retreat prices.

More information about the yoga retreat

The yoga weeks are offered for different Yoga styles and the teachers take into account the different levels of the participants. More information about the retreats can be found on the Yoga Spirit Circle Website. You’ll find there also the answers to the frequently asked questions.